10 All-Black

10 All-Black : Among the many color choices, black and white are often chosen as one of the choices in clothing. The combination of black and white is also considered neutral and suitable for various events.

However, not a few are often confused in determining the right mix and match OOTD. Just a little wrong, the all-black and white outfit that you wear will make you look too formal or like an apprentice’s outfit.

Therefore, if you are quite fond of minimalist outfits in black and white, this series of OOTDs can be an inspiration to make your clothes more fresh, right! 10 All-Black

1. You can get an all-black and white outfit by wearing an OOTD Korean style with a white blouse with a black sleeveless dress

2. Suitable as a college outfit, you can mix and match a black drawstring skirt and a white long cardigan. So chic and feminine!

3. You can wear a black hoodie with white linen culottes. This outfit is really suitable for those of you who are lazy to look complicated

4. You can also wear an all-black and white outfit as a sports OOTD! Just pair leggings, plain white t-shirt, and sneakers

5. Look like a lady boss for work, you can wear an oversized white blazer paired with black pants. Really neat!

6. Pair black pants and an oversized t-shirt. Not only is it suitable as a hangout outfit, this outfit is also good for OOTD watching concerts

7. To make your appearance look edgy, you can try wearing a black and white crop checkerboard, A line skirt, and also Docmart shoes

8. You don’t have to worry, you can combine a white knit blouse with black highwaist jeans. This look is perfect for going to the mall or just hanging out

9. It could be an anti-complicated invitation outfit, a vintage blouse with black ribbon accents, perfect for wearing with white cutbray pants

10. You can wear black inner with white pleated pants. The black outer and the chain necklace make your OOTD much cooler

It turns out that mixing and matching all black outfits is not difficult, right? In addition to the basics, appearing with a black and white OOTD will also make you look cooler. Hopefully the outfit inspiration above can be your latest reference in fashion, OK! Good luck!