10 Hijab Styles

10 Hijab Styles : Are you still confused about choosing a practical outfit to wear? If you don’t want to be complicated, a set aka a top and bottom suit can be the right choice for you!

One set is now one of the popular fashion trends worn by hijabers. Because it’s compatible, you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching anymore. Here are 10 one-set style references that are suitable to be the mainstay of 10 Hijab Styles!

1. Try choosing a luxurious silk material with lace details on the hem. This peach color tunic and white hijab look elegant

2. A plain pastel tunic with belt strap accents makes it even more charming when paired with a beaded mini bag and white lace heels!

3. Lebaran in style, maybe this baloon sleeves tunic and soft peach tone suit your style!

4. Combining a white top with a peach organza layer and matching culottes to make your appearance match

5. If you like a unique style, try this one set of asymmetrical tunic and culottes with polka dot details. Pink color gives the impression of elegance!

6. This set of embroidered accent tops and 3-dimensional floral motifs and plain culottes makes your hijab style more lively!

7. One set of bold colors like maroon is no less cool to be a mainstay of Eid style. Choose an elegant blend of satin and lace

8. For the minimalist, a set with slit culottes and a pleated top decorated with tassels might be the right choice!

9. Wearing batik for Eid is also fashionable, choose a set of pastel purple to make it look more fresh and contemporary

10. This classic style of one set of lace and white pants symbolizes purity at the moment of Eid. Paired with a sling bag and silver mules heels are also okay!