10 OOTD Hijab

10 OOTD Hijab : Shirts are one of the most comfortable and safe fashion items to wear in a variety of situations. Starting from college to hangouts, wearing a shirt feels so fitting to be used as a mix and match of clothes.

Moreover, sometimes some campuses still apply rules so that every student or college student wears a shirt on certain days. However, sometimes there are still people who are often confused about choosing the right OOTD, you know 10 OOTD Hijab.

For those of you who wear the hijab, here are some OOTDs with shirts that you can use as inspiration below.
1. The electric blue shirt that is currently popular with culottes of jeans and sneakers is the right choice for a college outfit

2. White shirts are suitable to wear with any color subordinates. To make it seem casual, you can combine it with beige highwaist pants

3. Because it is not difficult to iron, shirts made from crinkle are in vogue. Very fitting for boarding children who don’t want to be complicated!

4. Besides being combined with black, a fuchsia shirt is also okay to combine with pink crinkle pants, you know

5. The combination of a mint shirt with a mint color pleated skirt is perfect for an OOTD hijab, both for college and hangouts

6. Plaid shirts are really the mainstay of college kids. Whether for going to campus or hanging out, this OOTD is very safe to use

7. If you want to look feminine, you can also make a shirt as an outer for your inner and also the skirt you are wearing. It’s going to be awesome, okay!

8. The combination of oversized shirts, culottes, totebags and docmart shoes are chosen by college students because they are comfortable and fashionable

9. Not only suitable for college, this OOTD hijab is also very suitable for hanging out. Sontek, come on, by wearing a shirt and a knitted skirt

10. A shirt with a longer back is the most comfortable hijab OOTD choice. Add cloth pants to make it even cooler

The OOTD above is not only suitable for college but you can also use it to hangout after college