10 Recommended Modern

10 Recommended Modern : As we know, the development of Muslim fashion models, such as the robe, is growing rapidly and increasingly modern over the last few years. This also encourages young women to appear in contemporary robes.

For those of you who want to buy clothes for children, white robes can be an option. The color white was chosen to represent purity

In addition, the neutral white color makes it easier for children to combine it with various colors of hijab, bags, shoes, and other accessories to support their appearance.

Here are 10 modern white dresses for teenagers, which are guaranteed to make you confused about which one to choose!

This model can be an inspiration for children’s clothes so that they are twins with you 10 Recommended Modern

1. Camellia Dress White – Vanilla Hijab

Vanilla Hijab is one of the brands that follows the trends and developments of the times, one of which is this white Camellia Dress. This shirt has a chest that is large enough so that it can be used as a robe for children’s daily activities and formal events.

By using premium marsella crepe material and pastel colored floral motifs, this shirt is comfortable to wear and makes the child’s appearance more feminine.

Not only that, this shirt is equipped with a rope to be pulled and tied on the front so that the child looks more up to date.

2. Gamia Azra White 902 Plain Dress – Elzatta

Founded in 2012, the Elzatta brand offers a variety of hijabs with Turkish fabrics that are highly sought after by Muslim women, with many choices of models from scarf to hijab bergo.

But apart from being popular with their hijab products, this brand also has a collection of robes that can be used by all ages, one of which is the Gamis Polos Gamia Azra Putih 902. This robe has a chic design with a circle collar.

Moreover, with spandex material, this white robe is also comfortable when used in various activities, both casual and formal.

3. Brocade White Gamis – Agnes Fashion

When choosing a robe for Eid later, sometimes children are also confused in combining the appropriate hijab to use. As a solution, Mama can buy the child a lace white robe from Agnes Fashion.

This white robe has a silk material combined with lace tiles. In addition, with prices starting from Rp. 135,800-Rp. 155,800, children also get a set of white robes and headscarves.

4. White Rayon Gamis – Novel Mice

Another choice of white robes is the Rayon White robe from Novel Mice. Having a white color makes this robe easier to mix and match with hijab and other fashion accessories. In addition, it also has front to chest buttons and line accents that make the child’s appearance more fashionable.

Using rayon twill material, this robe is not transparent but still light, and does not stretch. There is also a drawstring at the waist and a pocket for storing small items.

5. Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Dress White Square Art. 0566-11130 – Benhill

Flannel or plaid material is now not only used for men’s shirts or women’s skirts, you know. Because Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Robe White Square Art. 0566-11130 from the Benhill brand also has a checkered pattern with black stripes.

Using flannel material makes this women’s robe smooth and comfortable to wear, especially with the buttons from top to bottom.

In addition, this robe also has a shanghai collar and drawstring at the waist so that the child’s appearance remains casual and fashionable.

6. Ramadhani Dress Embroidered White Gamis – Khilawah_Store

If your child likes bohemian clothes, then this Ramadhani Dress with Embroidered White Robe can be an option for the new Lebaran Day.

Uniquely, this one robe has a fairly large embroidery in a bohemian style and also a contemporary ruffle skirt. Using Balotelli premium Mix Embroidery material can make children more comfortable when wearing them at formal events.

7. Malory Dress – Shafira

Then there is also the Shafira brand, which is one of the well-known brands that has been in the Muslim fashion world for a long time. In addition to selling pashminas, scarves, and khimar with various motifs, this brand also issued a robe-style dress, namely the Malory Dress.

This Malory Dress is a white long dress that has embroidery accents on the chest. The shiny material can make a child’s appearance on Eid Day more elegant and luxurious.

8. Outer Look Gamis – FAME

This robe from FAME has the appearance of wearing an outer with the addition of a ribbon, which looks like a South Korean dress called Hanbok. This robe has a combination of white and jacquard with a Tosca-colored floral motif.

The circle skirt with its flare model also allows children to be active, without having to be afraid of falling when wearing wedges or heels.

9. Yuryeva White Gamis Dress – MFMW

The next white robe recommendation is the Yuryeva Muslim women’s dress from MFMW. This white robe has a round collar shape, using satin cavalii

In addition, to make this robe more luxurious, there are additional embroidery accents on the neck, hands and gold waist.

10. Zeynab Dress – MissMarina

Next is the collection from MissMarina which is a syar’i clothing brand since 2010, this brand is said to be inspired by the beauty of flowers and the divine beauty of Muslim women. One of the collections, namely Zeynab Dress, can be included in Mama’s list of choices.

This Zaynab Dress has a light, cool, and soft material, the skirt with ruffle access makes this robe more flowy.

In addition, children also don’t have to worry about wearing them during activities, because the texture of the material used is not easily wrinkled.

So, those are 10 Recommended Modern robes for white teenagers that can be an inspiration for children in choosing a robe