10 Types

10 Types : For women, choosing the type of fabric for the hijab is something that needs consideration. Therefore, the selection of the type of hijab fabric will be adjusted to the function of its use. Will it be used everyday? Or, to go to a certain event, here.

There are also many types of hijab fabrics, such as diamonds, cigars, moscrepe, and others. Well, for those of you who don’t know the types of hijab fabrics and their characteristics, let’s look at a brief review, come on, before you decide to buy. 10 Types
1. Moscrepe has the characteristics of a sand-like texture with a fairly economical price. This material is not see-through, lightweight, and doesn’t wrinkle easily

2. Chiffon fabric is light, soft, flowy or ‘fallen’ so it is easy to shape. There are various types of chiffon materials. From silk, synthetic and combination

3. The type of crinkle textured wrinkled material that is different from other hijabs. Even so, this material is very comfortable and easy to shape, you know!

4. Diamond textured like grains of sand. This fabric is rough and a little stiff, but quite soft and stretchy when used

5. Voal is popular because it has the characteristics of being comfortable and easy to shape. Voal has soft fibers and can absorb sweat

6. The characteristics of cigars are almost the same as those of chiffon which is light, ‘fall’ and stretchy. You will be more eye catching and elegant when you wear it

7. Polyester is a material that is durable and long lasting, not easily wrinkled and strong. In addition, this material is light and certainly easy to dry

8. Maxmara material is smoother than satin. When used, it is also cool, aka not hot. This fabric also looks shiny so it is perfect for formal events

9. Wolfis has the characteristics of being light, not easily wrinkled, not see-through, and has a smooth surface but is not heat-resistant

10. As the name suggests, corn skin has a surface like corn husk and is soft to the touch, this fabric is cool and not hot when used