11 Gorgeous Appearances

11 Gorgeous : The more you come here, the hijab models that start to go hand in hand with fashion are increasingly diverse. Starting from pashmina hijab, quadrangle, hijab that stands out at the back of the head, even trendy hijab.

His syar’i is sometimes a debate. Hipwee is aware that the choice of wearing a hijab and using any model of hijab is a choice. Well, for you Muslim women who prefer to choose a hijab that still covers the chest, this khimar-style hijab is the right choice.

Actually, the word khimar itself means a veil that covers the chest. Many lay people interpret this khimar as a long hijab that covers the chest and reaches to the wrist 11 Gorgeous .

Well, don’t get me wrong, Ukhti. In fact, if you are too comfortable and reluctant to experiment with complicated hijab models, with your favorite khimar you can still look modern and polite. Take a peek at 12 look inspirations with this khimar, come on! So as not to run out of ideas when combining with your clothes 11 Gorgeous .

1. The combination of bright colors and black can always be relied on in a variety of events. You can even combine a long robe with brocade at the bottom!

Wearing a skirt or robe is the right choice so that the curves of the body are not exposed. Coupled with the long khimar that hangs over the chest, going anywhere will make you feel safe. If you combine a black brocade robe, you can choose a brighter color for your khimar. To be more charming and not just like that.

2. In order not to be very plain, you can use khimar with beautiful floral motifs. A robe with pastel colors will calm you down when you look in the mirror.

There is no barrier for you who want to look different. Maybe, those of you who wear headscarves and plain clothes more often can try new things in appearance. The simplest, is to wear a patterned khimar. Flowers are even more fitting to beautify your closed and contemporary appearance.

3. Carry 2 opposite colors for your plain-themed appearance. You can make a choice of light blue and dark blue.

If you don’t really like motifs, it’s okay to go back to your favorite unobtrusive color. Try combining two colors that are opposite but still the same for you to wear as your khimar and skirt. For example, a bright and fresh light blue to cover your chest and head, and combine it with dark blue for the skirt. Blue blue is still special, right?

4. A long robe with a variety of motifs will make your appearance remain polite, syar’i, and contemporary. Maximize your charm!

If you’re in the mood to wear a robe or long skirt with a variety of motifs, don’t be shy about wearing it. If you still like a variety of abstract motifs such as colorful bird feathers, immediately combine it with your soft pink khimar. Sure, you want to go anywhere you want to be comfortable, polite, and up to date.

5. Wearing a muted blue color from khimar to shoes is also worth trying. Choose red for your bag, so there’s a color interlude.

For those of you who don’t want to bother mixing and matching two or more colors for clothes that are attached to your body, you can even stretch out one color. You can also use a soft blue for the theme of your clothes and your khimar that day. Soft and pleasing to the eye, right? If you want to give a different touch of color, try using a bag or other accessories in red, or other bright colors.

6. Are you bored with plain colors on your shirt? Combine your striped robe with plain cream khimar.

If the floral motifs bore you, you can try black and white or brown and white stripes and stripes. For your long khimar color that covers your chest, you only need to choose a calm and neutral color. Cream or cream is the right color to cover your head.

7. Not only hijab that goes straight in, so a square or pashmina hijab, your chest will still be protected. Polite and comfortable.

You can also create khimar from your rectangular or pashmina hijab. The value that should not be removed is to cover the chest while remaining polite. In fact, you will also look modern and charming.

8. You can combine two different colors, pink and green for example. However, comfort and syar’i are no longer an example for you.

The muted pink color really spoils the eye. Not only that, you can pamper your head and yourself with this color khimar. Even when combined with green – which is actually not connected – it still fits. You can get a sense of comfort and courtesy without any further examples.

9. Who says with khimar you can’t wear cute head accessories? Mini Mouse headbands will not reduce your present level!

Head coverings such as hijabs and your favorite khimar can still be added with other unique and funny accessories. If you’re traveling and want to be different, like the Mini Mouse headband, which is incredibly cute, you can still use it. Because, it will not make the curves in other parts of your body visible, right?

10. Two plain neutral colors brown and blue will not reduce your elegant and charming appearance. Even though it’s plain, it’s not a problem!

Pair your plain brown khimar with your long blue robe. It doesn’t matter if these two pairs of items are both plain, because you don’t need to be confused anymore to match the motif with the color of the khimar. Wanna try, uhh? No problem, really!

11. Soft purple is a unique color that refreshes the eyes. Your long purple khimar is an inseparable partner with the striped dress.

It doesn’t take you much time to choose purple as your protective color and head covering. Moreover, the purple color is soft and subdued. With almost the same color tone, you can wear your long and loose dress with a striped pattern. Perfect mix, right?

So, from these 11 Gorgeous and polite hijab inspirations, which one do you want to use as a guide for your appearance?