12 OOTD Hijab

12 OOTD Hijab : Vacation is a moment that almost everyone looks forward to. Take a break from tired activities to get away for a moment while calming the mind. Even if it is only once a day, a vacation is considered a luxury and cannot be obtained every day.

For you hijabi women, sometimes you often find it difficult to choose OOTD for the holidays, right? Now you don’t have to worry anymore because the series of OOTD hijab references below are perfect for you to make holiday inspiration, which is certainly easy to cheat. 12 OOTD Hijab

1. Try to look feminine with an OOTD hijab for a vacation to the temple, you can wear a floral dress combined with a rattan hat

2. Vacations to the outdoors need a comfortable and anti-hot OOTD. You can cheat the combination of blouse, ruffle skirt and sneakers, here!

3. Wrapped skirts and outer scraf are suitable, you know, they are used as OOTD hijab references for the holidays. It’s better to avoid black because it can absorb heat

4. Mountain slopes are also one of the best vacation spots for healing. Mix and match jeans and shirts as an outer to make your OOTD even cooler

5. Apart from wearing overalls or a jumpsuit, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a skirt and blouse for a vacation to the playground either

6. For those of you who like casual outfits, you can copy and match rugby shirts and mom jeans. This hijab OOTD is simple and perfect for holidays

7. Healing for a while for a vacation to a reservoir or lake, you can wear OOTD in the form of a mix and match shirt and highwaist pants, OK?

8. Combining feminine and edgy concepts, this OOTD is perfect for a trip to the museum. Wear a plain ruffle dress then make a vest as an outer

9. If you don’t want to play in the water on the beach, a vacation on a hill can be an alternative. The combination of black and sage green OOTD is perfect for wearing in the afternoon

10. Vacation to the tea garden is synonymous with cold weather. Wearing a jeans jacket and long skirt can be a reference for your OOTD vacation this time

11. Enjoying a vacation on the edge of the reservoir can be the right moment for refreshing. Simple OOTDs that are suitable are crewnecks, cargo pants and bucket hats

12. If it’s just a city tour, a cool OOTD wearing a blouse or tunic and culottes can be your choice, girls!