3 Hijab Styles

3 Hijab Styles  Hijab or headscarf is an outfit intended to cover parts of the body from the head to the chest, the hijab itself is usually used for Muslim women to cover their aurat. There are many models of hijab that are liked by women and are very different when used.

Each hijab has a different material and shape so it can be modeled in various ways, maybe some people like a pashmina hija or maybe a square hijab. The number of hijab trends can certainly make women confused about which hijab model to use.

What kind of hijab do you usually use? Some people use the hijab model depending on the activity to be carried out. Well here are some hijab models that you can try as below:

1. Hijab Pashmina Plain

The plain pashmina hijab is one of the most popular hijabs, because it has good and comfortable materials. The reason many women like this plain pashmina hijab is because it is easy to create with various styles ranging from simple to elegant.

2. Hijab Pashmina Motif

Have you ever tried motif pashmina? Some people usually use plain pashmina for various activities. However, it turns out that the pashmina motif is one of the hijabs that is very suitable for non-formal events. In addition, using pashmina motifs can usually be created in various ways and models.

3. Hijab Square

This rectangular hijab is one of the most preferred hijab models by women, because this hijab is very suitable for various events. Starting from formal to non-formal pickles, this hijab is very suitable for use, using a rectangular hijab itself will look simple and elegant for you.

Well, those are some hijab models that you can try. Hopefully some of the information above can inspire you to wear hijab. That’s 3 Hijab Styles.