3 Inspirations

3 Inspirations¬† : Did you know that khimar or in the Qur’an it is called khumur is a cloth that covers the head, neck and extends to cover a woman’s chest from behind or from the front (including covering the collarbone). Khimar should stick straight down from the head until the entire chest is covered.

For those of you who like to appear wearing khimar but are confused with the same combination. It’s really fitting that Okezone has summarized 4 inspirations for combining a robe with an artist-style khimar, here are the results of the review. 3 Inspirations

1. Khimar-Gamis that Has a Touch of Tile

Kartika Putri since her marriage to Habib Usman Bin Yahya has often appeared with khimar. This time he appeared wearing a khimar which had a touch of patterned tile. You can use the touch of this patterned tile as an inspiration to come to formal events! This look is suitable for those of you who want to look luxurious but don’t want to be complicated.

2. Khimar is combined with lace and a brown robe

The beautiful artist Cut Meyriska this time appeared in a brown khimar bandage. For those of you who like to look simple, this brown khimar is suitable for you to make inspiration for hanging out with friends or family! Looks simple but makes you look cute. The presence of a touch of white lace makes the display not look too plain.

3. The combination of Khimar with a green robe

For those of you who want to appear wearing a khimar combined with a green and lace robe, so you don’t overdo it, you can make this Vebby Palwinta style an inspiration! The khimar worn by Vebby looks the same as the robe. This look will make you look elegant and charming.