3 Pashmina Hijab

3 Pashmina Hijab : The use of hijab every day makes hijabers continue to look for hijab style references so that they don’t look monotonous. Especially for those of you who have activities to meet colleagues or many other people.

Of course, a stylish and attractive appearance is something you want every time you dress up, right?

If you are always thirsty for all forms of hijab reference, you can practice hijab tutorials from fashion as well as hijab influencers, here! Using a pashmina hijab, so clever in shaping the veil.

Don’t worry, because you can use this hijab style for your various activities. Curious about the tutorial? let’s see some ways to do this 3 Pashmina Hijab !

Hijab Model 1

For the first look, the method is quite easy, Ussiy uses her veil with both sides the same length.

Then, she pinned a pin at the bottom of her chin by combining the deeper part of the veil to give a loose impression.

Finally, the two sides are brought to the back for fastening.

Hijab Model 2

For the second look, Ussiy used her scarf with two different lengths.

Then, he pinned the pin by pulling the long side and followed it to the inside of the short hood, not forgetting to pin the pin on the side of his ear.

The final stage in this second display is the long side brought back.
Hijab Model 3

For the last look, the method is quite simple, she only uses her veil with both sides the same length.

Then, Ussiy took the side in front and tied it back. Finally, he pinned the pins on both sides of his face to lock the veil used.