4 Shari'a Hijab Style

4 Shari’a Hijab Style : OKI Setiana Dewi is currently known as a religious host. He also often gives Islamic studies at several meetings, so people call him Ustadzah Oki.

Besides being fond of preaching, Oki Setiana Dewi’s hijab style is also a concern, you know. The sister of YouTuber Ria Ricis has the characteristics of an attractive and colorful syari hijab.

here are four inspirational hijab styles

These are theĀ  4 Shari’a Hijab Style

1. Hijab syari blue

wearing a blue syari hijab style. combines instant khimar soft blue and navy robe made of satin.

2. Hijab soft peach

Soft peach color is also an option as an outfit. This hijab wears a rectangular motif made of silk.

Likewise with the robe, wearing the same color. Makeup look that also looks natural.

“Women are not obliged to earn a living. So can women have income? It’s okay, we both know that Siti Khadijah Radhiyallahu anha is also in business,” wrote Oki

3. Shades of green

The green nuance makes the hijab style look more fresh and bright when worn. and also choose a patterned rectangular hijab made of satin.

While the green robe is lighter, so it matches the color of the hijab you are wearing

4. brown hijab

wearing an all-brown hijab, a blend of army green looks very beautiful, with a hijab style.

Those are the 4 Sharia Hijab Styles from OKI Setiana Dewi that you can try, hopefully they can add to your knowledge and thank you