4 Tips

4 TipsĀ  : Not only as the identity of Muslim women, the hijab or hijab has now become a fashion trend for many women. Various styles of modern hijab are loved by many fashionistas. However, there are some things that are important for women to consider when choosing their hijab. Starting from the type of hijab, the material used, and the shape of the face. What type of hijab to wear is also important to note. Because the current hijab trend there are various types. Starting from instant hijab, quadrangle, to pashmina. The instant hijab trend is still enjoyed by Muslim women because it makes it easier for the wearer to do styling.

In addition, another hijab fashion that is currently popular among Muslim women is pashmina inner. Inner pashmina is a pashmina that has been fused with the inner or commonly known as the inner hijab so that when wearing the hijab, no hair will come out. Thus, this inner pashmina is very easy and practical to use.This inner Pashmina can also beautify your appearance and is suitable for those of you who have round and oval face pieces. Beginners who are new to the hijab can certainly try to use the instant pashmina inner hijab. Besides being easy to shape, you will also shorten the time.
So, 4 Tips ladies, are you interested in using the pashmina inner which is the current trend? The following are recommendations for models and how to use pashmina inner according to the beautiful YouTuber Nia Sisca. Let’s see 4 Tips !

1. Using Pashmina Inner in a Simple Way
Ladies, the easiest thing to use this instant inner pashmina is the simple way. First, wear a pashmina inner like using an instant hijab in general, then after that the bottom side of the pashmina just adjusts to the right or left side, but can also be tied back. So, a beautiful look will be created from the use of this inner pashmina. Very easy isn’t it?

2. Use of Pashmina Inner with one side left forward
Another way to use this inner pashmina is to let one side of the pashmina hang forward. Start by using the pashmina inner instant as usual, then wrap the pashmina inner until you leave the length of the fabric forward as desired. An elegant and beautiful look will be created.

3. Let the Two Sides of the Pashmina Inner Dangle Forward
One way to wear another pashmina inner that you can try is to let the two sides of the pashmina cloth hang forward. The method is very easy, just measure the two pashmina with different lengths. Then, the longer side of the pashmina is left wrapped around the neck and then the side of the cloth is put forward. How to use the inner pashmina is quite practical and simple because it is not easy to sag or slip.

4. Inner Pashmina that Covers Part of the Chest
This way of wearing the pashmina inner model is very suitable to be applied to users of the syari hijab. Hijabers need to use pins or pins so that the inner pashmina model that is formed doesn’t look messy.

The method is very easy, start by forming the sides of the pashmina so that they are the same length. Adjust the sides of the pashmina to be the same length. Then adjust the pashmina to the right and cross it to the left, after that all you have to do is trim the pashmina a little. Finally, the left side is draped to the right with the shape covering the chest. The results of this pashmina inner syari will definitely be very beautiful for you to apply.