4 Trends in Hijab

4 Trends in Hijab : The hijab trend has indeed experienced significant developments in Indonesia.

Along with this, there are currently many hijab models on the market.

Not only that, the trend of hijab models has now been widely used by celebrity hijabers who became inspiration.

Well, so that your hijab looks stylish and polite, this time Stylo will provide 4 hijab models that are in great demand 4 Trends in Hijab.

1. Trends in Hijab Models – Instant Hijab

One of the trending hijab models that are currently in great demand is the instant hijab.

Instant hijab can shorten your time if you are in a hurry and of course still look stylish.
So, it’s not surprising that many people like this instant hijab because it’s practical.

2. Hijab Model Trends – Pashmina

Since the first until now, the pashmina hijab still occupies the hearts of hijabers.

With rectangular pieces, making pashmina hijabs can be created in various shapes and models.

So you can still look relaxed with the creations of the pashmina hijab.

3. Hijab Model Trends – Khimar

In addition to the Instagram hijab, the khimar hijab model has recently become a trend.

This hijab is very simple, making it easier for you to wear it.

Khimar also has various types, ranging from ordinary to syar’i.

Well, khimar syar’i is also no less popular with other hijabs.

4. Hijab Model Trends – Quadrilateral Hijab

Well, if this hijab is a favorite model for hijabers and celebrities.

The reason is, this square hijab is very simple and can be used in various events ranging from non-formal to formal.

Not only pashmina, you can also create a rectangular hijab according to your wishes.