5 Great Look Ideas

5 Great Look Ideas : You already have this fashion item that hits? Even though it is made of wrinkled and looks wrinkled, but the pashmina crinkle is being used by many hijabers. The model is simple and available in many colors, this one item is also easy to combine with a variety of outfits.

Even the pashmina crinkle is also suitable for a variety of events ranging from casual to formal. But most hijabers more often use the pashmina crinkle to casual and semi-formal events.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to do activities outside the home, Sahabat Dream can still look trendy using a pashmina crinkle during activities. 5 Great Look Ideas

1. Pair with a Hoodie or Sweatshirt

The hoodie gives the impression of being both warm and relaxed. If you want a sporty look but still seem polite, wear a crinkle pashmina with a plain hoodie or sweatshirt. This outfit can always be pleasing to the eye and easy to apply.

2. Pair it with a denim jacket

When you are in a place with cold weather, a denim jacket can provide warmth. The appearance of a denim jacket and crinkle pashmina can give an edgy yet fashionable impression.

3. Combine with Feather Clothes

To give the impression of being expensive, you can wear a pashmina crinkle with clothes made of fur or fur. Although in one outfit it has two different materials, this style is very elegant.

4. Combine with outer

Pashmina crinkle when combined with an outer made of stripes, can give a formal and neat impression. If you want an office look or the look of an office person, you can combine it with an outer blazer.

5. Vversized Style

The trend of oversized or oversized clothes is also suitable to be combined with the pashmina crinkle. A loose jacket will give a more relaxed impression but will show a cute side because the proportions of the body will look smaller.