5 Hijab Tunic

5 Hijab Tunic : Planning to wear a green tunic, girls?

Besides white, green is also synonymous with, right!

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a green tunic which will give the impression of being more polite, calm, and cool. Here are the 5 Hijab Tunics

For those who need inspiration for a green hijab tunic, here are some references below!

The color sage green is indeed a trend these days, girls! Especially in the Indonesian hijab fashion industry.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a sage green hijab tunic that will give the impression of a calm and soft look

We can choose a stacked tunic with tile material that will be very beautiful when worn.

Pair it with matching color pants, and a matching pashmina hijab!

For those who want to look luxurious but still polite, you can choose a brocade tunic with a muted sage green color.

We can wear it with a plain satin skirt in a matching color.

And a plain paris hijab whose color is darker than our tunic so it doesn’t look monotonous!

Besides sage green, army green tunic will also be very beautiful

Choose an abstract patterned tunic with cotton to keep it cool.

Pair it with neutral color pants and hijab, guaranteed to make the outfit more fashionable!

A tunic with a fresh light green color can also be a mainstay to look fashionable on holidays.

Try wearing it with a hijab and brown pants.

This will create a gorgeous earth tone look!

The emerald green tunic looks really cool when worn!

We can add a small belt to create the illusion of a slimmer body.

Combined with a nude rectangular hijab will look very fashionable!

Those were some references to green tunic models that we can use

that’s 5 Hijab Tunic Thank you