5 OOTD Hijab

5 OOTD Hijab : As the owner of a fat or fat body, choosing an OOTD style is not easy, especially if you use the hijab.

OOTD hijab for fat people is not only limited to wearing dark colors.Many tips and tricks to mix and match the clothes you have so that your OOTD looks thinner.

OOTD Hijab for Fat People

For those of you who are confused about finding an OOTD hijab for a fat or fat body, now you don’t need to worry.

Because Indozone has inspiration for a simple hijab OOTD for fat people that doesn’t make you look fat. Listen 5 OOTD Hijab , yes!

1. Choose a dark colorb

It’s no secret that dark colors are always a mainstay for those of you who have a fat body.

Because, dark colors can disguise your body shape, thus creating a slimmer silhouette.

You can use the same dark color for the top and bottom. Wear a brightly colored hijab to keep your look fresh.

2. Wear an A-line skirt

If you want to wear a skirt, make sure you use a skirt with an A-line model that expands at the bottom like the letter A.

This skirt can hide the shape of your real thighs and calves, so your hijab OOTD will look more proportional.

Avoid using skirts that are too tight, such as span skirts or pencil skirts that make your big body shape more visible.

3. Use a belt

For those of you whose upper body is bigger, you can outsmart it by using a belt.

The belt plays an important role in defining the shape of your waist. So, your lower body looks taller and slimmer.

However, do not choose a wide belt because it will make your stomach bigger. Use a small belt.

4. Wear a dress with a waist cut

Well, for the dress selection, those of you who are fat should wear a dress that has a cut at the waist.

This dress model can give the effect of a slimmer body, because it can cover the folds and a distended stomach.

Never use a dress with a hip cut, because it will make your hips wider.

5. Add a long outer

A simple hijab OOTD recommendation for fat women is no less interesting, namely the addition of a long outer.

You can use a long cardigan, jacket, or blazer. The goal, so that the folds of fat and the shape of your buttocks are disguised.

Keep in mind, avoid wearing an outer that is too tight or too oversized, OK!

That’s a simple hijab OOTD recommendation for fat people that could be your choice. Where is your favorite hijab OOTD?