5 Recommended Muslim

5 Recommended Muslim : Muslim fashion continues to evolve over time, both for men and women. Now specifically for women, the development is even more rapid because as we know women prioritize appearance. For Muslim women, the Muslim clothes they wear are now very different from the ‘old-fashioned’ Muslim clothes in the past.

The model is now more attractive and contemporary. Therefore, we provide some recommendations for Muslim clothing models specifically for you. As usual, Muslim clothes must cover all aurat, do not highlight certain curves, and be loose to conform to religious law.

And last but not least, Muslim clothes must be comfortable when worn. There are many models to choose from, we will review some of the most 5 Recommended Muslim popular for you.

Muslim Batik

What happens if batik as our cultural heritage is married to Muslim clothing? Of course the results are beautiful! Yes, Muslim clothing that is neatly covered with motifs of various batik patterns is definitely interesting to look at. In addition to preserving culture, a Muslim woman can also remain trendy and polite.

Korean Muslim Dress

This is one form of development of the most contemporary Muslim fashion. We know Korean fashion trends are so intense, and Muslim clothing designers are trying to adopt them. Korean Muslim clothing is characterized by very diverse models, from shirts, blouses, sweaters, oversized tops, midi skirts, and even hanbok models with motifs and colors that tend to be bright.

Casual Muslim Dress

As the name implies, this Muslim dress is suitable for a relaxed, casual atmosphere. For the purposes of traveling, hanging out, or attending other casual events, this is the right choice because it is simple. Casual Muslim clothing is still syar’i, but does not look boring because the details, models, and motifs are very varied. Casual Muslim clothes are suitable to be mixed and matched with various models of hijab and bags.

Modern Muslim Dress

Young women are very infatuated with this very trendy modern Muslim dress. Look feminine, stylish, and Islamic of course is the main goal. Generally, modern Muslim clothes are long dresses with a number of variations of knick-knacks, very beautiful and unique when worn. Various embroidery with charming motifs such as flowers also add to its beauty.

Party Muslim Dress

This one is specifically for use when attending parties or similar events. Muslim party dress has an eye-catching motif with a touch of lace, ruffles, buttons, or belts. Women who wear it will definitely look elegant and charming. No body parts are highlighted, everything is neat and polite according to religious guidelines in dress.

That’s our discussion about the recommendations for the best Muslim dress models that you can choose. If you prefer shopping online instead of going to the nearest mall or boutique, feel free to open Shopee. At Shopee you can freely choose what kind of Muslim clothing you want, complete with descriptions of models, sizes, colors, stock, reviews, and so on.