5 Terracotta Color Hijab

5 Terracotta Color Hijab : Can you imagine what kind of clothes you want to wear? In order not to get bored, try wearing a hijab dress with a fresher color like terracotta.

Even though it is a bold color, a terracotta hijab dress will not give the impression of a splashy appearance, really. On the contrary, it can make us look elegant and serene.

For those of us who are interested in wearing a terracotta hijab dress, take a look at some of the inspirational dress models below! 5 Terracotta Color Hijab Dress

1. This dress tie with ruffle accents on the neck and sleeves looks very fashionable, you know
Equipped with a tie detail at the waist, guaranteed to make us look slimmer!

2. Terracotta lace dress is suitable for those of us who want to look elegant and cute
The detailed puff sleeves and button down create a sweet vintage feel!

3. This asymmetrical ruffle dress is also very fashionable to wear.
The ruffle detail at the waist will give the illusion of a slimmer body. Perfect for pairing with a brown hood!

Still a model of clothes that makes us look slimmer, this one model will also make us look fashionable and elegant!

4. Just mix it with a brown hijab and neutral color pants like white, okay!

5. A flowy dress with a fresh terracotta color will create a non-monotonous look.
Because the color of the dress is already striking, mix it with a soft color hijab like nude, okay!