6 Cool Hijab

6 Cool Hijab : Along with the times, there are various models and hijab materials that are sold in the market. Well, when it comes to hijab materials, of course, comfort is number one!

Especially in the month of fasting, choosing the right hijab material can add comfort to the wearer to carry out various daily activities.

So here are some choices of cool, anti-hot hijab materials that can be your choice 6 Cool Hijab!

1. Hijab with diamonds

This diamond hijab material has become a favorite hijab material for hijabers.

This diamond material is known to be comfortable when worn, not hot, and absorbs sweat so it is suitable for everyday use

2. Hijab material wolfis

Hijab material wolfis or woolpeach is often found in the syar’i hijab model that is widely used by hijabers.

The texture of the fabric tends to be light and comfortable for everyday use for the appearance of a syar’i hijab.

Not only for hijab, wolfis material is also often used to make hijab clothing such as robes.

Regarding the price, the wolfis hijab material is also one of the affordable ones

3. Hijab made of cigars

Similar to bubble crepe, cigar hijab is also a textured hijab.

If held, the hijab ceruti feels like sand, thin and also soft when worn as a head covering.

The ceruti hijab is found in the pashmina hijab model which is easy to combine with various hijab styles.

Not a few also use cigars for syar’i hijabs with direct models such as bergo or khimar.

In addition to everyday use, hijab cigar material is also suitable for formal events.

4. Hijab material voal

Voal hijab material can also be an option to be used to accompany everyday fashion styles.

The texture of the hijab voal material is smooth, soft and cool because it is made of thin cotton but is not see-through.

The voal hijab material is also easy to shape so it is suitable for everyday use with a variety of clothes.

There are also many variations of the voal hijab on the market, including plain and patterned ones.

So it’s easier to adjust to the hijab fashion style that you will wear.

5. Hijab with corn skin

Corn skin hijab material is also comfortable and cool for everyday use, both day and night.

Recently, hijab corn skin has also hit the hijab celebrities and hijabers in the country.

It is called corn skin because this hijab has a fibrous appearance like corn skin which makes the appearance more chic.

Corn skin hijab material tends to be easy to manage and not slippery.

Hijab with this material is available with many choices of plain colors that you can combine with patterned hijab fashion styles.

6. Hijab with bubble crepe

Hijab with bubble crepe material is commonly found in the pashmina hijab model, which is currently on the rise.

This bubble crepe hijab material is lightweight and falls with a slightly elastic effect which is comfortable to wear as a daily hijab.

Has a texture that resembles a bubble in a combination of beautiful and diverse plain colors.

Forming it is not difficult, so it is suitable for hijabers who are new to wearing the hijab as well.

Well, all you have to do is choose which one you want to use for your daily life!