7 Benefits of Using

7 Benefits of Using : Pashmina Inner is a pashmina model that is currently being loved, you know, girls. For Cosmo babes who don’t know yet, pashmina inner has a model that is already integrated with the inner or inner hijab which makes it more practical. Inner hijab is usually used to prevent fine hairs on the forehead from being seen.

Linguistically, pashmina has the definition of a cloth made of the finest and most luxurious wool from the Himalayas. In the beginning too, pashmina did have a function as a scarf wrapped around the neck to warm the body. However, over time, pashmina has another function as a head scarf or veil for Muslim women.

Now, pashmina is also used and modified to become a fashion item. So, what are the advantages of this pashmina model? Here are 7 benefits of inner pashmina that Cosmo has summarized for you

1. Has the main practical value

Pashmina Inner is a pashmina model that is considered practical because it already has two important parts of the hijab, namely the inner and outer. The inner part of the hijab usually has a function to hold the hair on the forehead so that it is not visible. In addition, outer is the outer part of the hijab that you can shape into the model you like.

Pashmina inner is suitable for Cosmo babes who have round or oval faces. If you are also a beginner in wearing the hijab, an instant hijab like pashmina inner is suitable for you because it is very easy to shape. Due to its 2 in 1 nature, it will be easier for you and it will not take a long time to use it.

2. The modern pashmina model

Currently, there are many types of hijab that you can choose according to the taste you want. Starting from direct hijab, rectangular hijab, to pashmina. Pashmina Inner is a pashmina model that is instant and is currently being widely used by hijab users. In addition to the various other advantages that this model has, the pashmina inner is a contemporary model.

Even though it is practical, you can still style this pashmina model into a style that you like and is comfortable for you. Apart from being the identity of a Muslim, hijab has become a fashion trend that can make you appear more confident.

3. Can be applied to many models

Even though it’s 2 in 1, you can still apply pashmina inner to many models, you know, girls. Starting from the simplest pashmina models to even the most complex ones, you can try with this pashmina model.

The first style, try wearing an inner pashmina like wearing an instant hijab in general. After that, drape the right and left parts of the outer material by crossing. You can leave it as it is or tie it back.

The second style is to wrap one part of the outer to the neck by crossing it to the other side and leaving one part in front. You can also modify this style again, babes. You can bring one of the outer parts that are wrapped around the neck forward so that there are two outer parts that are left forward.

The third style is to cross one part of the outer pashmina back and cross one of them to the other side, only set so that the material covers the chest. You’ll also need a safety pin or needle to hold this part against your shoulder or the back of your head so it doesn’t fall off.

4. Not hot

The most important thing when looking for a suitable hijab is the comfort of the hijab when used. The material used for the inner pashmina model is more or less the same as the regular pashmina model. However, because the inside and outside of the hijab are fused, the material of this model is certainly lighter so it is suitable to be worn even in hot weather.

The material will not be as thick as a regular pashmina which makes the air in the head more freely in and out. Of course, the comfort is different from when we wear the hijab in layers between the inner and outer.

5. Does not make ears hurt

For someone who wears the hijab, ear pain is certainly a common thing. The use of the inner or inner hijab which is usually made of elastic plus the hijab in layers presses on our ears which makes it hurt or even makes our heads dizzy from wearing it for too long.

The practical and 2 in 1 pashmina inner model can reduce the pain due to the lightweight material and model and will not press the ear too hard. Some pashmina inner models now also have access to open ears so that it makes us more flexible.

6. Access to wearing masks

One of the effects of the Pashmina Inner model that is being hunted and loved by many people, this model continues to innovate and release new versions of models. One that has a function that you can consider when buying it is the opening of access to the ear on the inner hijab which makes it easier for you to wear a mask in the midst of the current pandemic.

7. Prices are not much different

Eits, even though it has many advantages compared to other hijab models, inner pashmina still has a price that is not much different from the usual hijabs, girls. You can get it starting from 20 thousand rupiah to 80 thousand rupiah only! It’s worth it.

Pashmina inner gives a simple and effortless impression when worn, babes. In addition to having many advantages with practical value, you can style this pashmina model like a pashmina in general without causing a headache.