7 Inspirations

 7 Inspirations  : You know what, it turns out that wearing a robe and a skirt can be contemporary too, you know! In the following, we will discuss seven contemporary hijab dresses and skirts, which will keep you cool.  7 Inspirations

Model 1

At first glance it looks simple but elegant, right? You only need to combine this pleated black inner dress with a cream knitted sweater or crop cardigan. For the hijab, can you adjust the color of the dress or sweater? For an outfit like this, you are suitable, you know, black boots like Korean women. Then you can add a necklace as a complementary accessory.

Model 2

This second look looks simpler, Bekasinians! With a plain black robe combined with a calm outer long cardigan, aka not too flashy. The hijab you wear adjusts the color of the robe. While sneakers as the footwear you wear, you can adjust the color to match the outer. Don’t forget the sling bag, Bekasinians!

Model 3

See this third one is simpler than the second one, because you only need to wear a plain black abaya without any outer combination. For the hijab, you can wear a rectangular model measuring 130×130 with an unobtrusive color. For footwear, you can wear black or white sneakers, depending on your taste. In addition, use ring accessories with simple models as well, as well as totebags that match the color of the abaya.

Model 4

Look at these four, it’s also simple, Bekasi residents! You can simply wear a white blouse with a cream or other pastel color patterned skirt. For hijab, you can wear pashmina with colors that match your skirt. For the bag, use a mini sling bag, Bekasinians. For footwear, you can use slip on sandals. One more thing for accessories, wear a watch or bracelet!

5 model

The fifth look is a combination of a plain black dress and a women’s jeans jacket that is used as an outer. You can wear black pashmina yes! And suitable footwear using flat shoes or can adjust to your taste. Don’t forget to use the sling bag, Bekasinians!

Model 6

Who likes colors that have a calm vibe? I think the nude and white are the perfect match! You can wear a white blouse with a mix of nude colored pleated skirts and nude syar’i hijabs. Don’t forget the mini sling bag that matches the color of the skirt! For shoes, you can wear sneakers that match your blouse. To beautify, you can add a watch or bracelet, and a ring with a simple model.

Model 7

It used to be a mix of nude and white, now it’s a mix of nude and black. You can wear a nude colored pleated and pashmina skirt, then pair it with a black floral shirt or blouse. For footwear, you can wear slip on shoes, sneakers or flat shoes, according to your taste. In addition, you can use a shoulder bag, sling bag or tote bag.

So, which outfit is the most attractive to you?