9 Beautiful Black Hijab

9 Beautiful Black HijabĀ  : In addition to white which is suitable to be mixed and matched with anything, there is also black which can be the right choice in mix and match fashion items. For hijabers, black hijab is a must-have item in the collection.

Because the color is neutral, you don’t need to hesitate to wear it. likes to wear a black hijab and looks fashionable with the outfit he is wearing

Come on, see how the black hijab mix and match 9 Beautiful Black Hijab !

1. Skinny jeans, patterned inner, and a leather jacket with black pashmina are a cool mix of edgy styles!

2. One set full black outfit with a sporty cut, perfect for a relaxed look with additional sunglasses

3. The black pashmina is really suitable for you to hangout. Match it with black jeans, inner, and a classic houndstooth cardigan

4. A full black outfit and a pastel colored abaya make you look elegant and attractive. It’s even more fun because there are formal cut footwear

5. The combination of black and white never fails, like Shirin who wears white skinny jeans with black inner and sleeveless outer

6. For a semi-formal style, try wearing a black hijab with gray pants and a pastel blazer and pointed heels

7. One set of pants and a short sleeved top like this, you can outsmart it with black cuffs and hijab

8. Black hijab is still suitable even though it is mixed and matched with pastel colored pants and blazer, you know! Use sneakers to balance the style

9. Finally, choose an all-black outfit with an abaya as the outer. Use a casual style with sandals to make you more comfortable when walking around

Black hijab is a savior when you are confused about what color hijab to mix and match. If you like wearing a black hijab which outfit do you like the most?