9 Hijab Colors

9 Hijab ColorsĀ  : Not just an obligation, now hijab is part of fashion trends. Hijab plays an important finishing touch when mixing and matching outfits.

However, as many hijab color options are available, many hijabers are confused about choosing the right color to match their outfit. Choosing the wrong color can actually make your appearance not optimal.

1. Black

Black is a universal color that almost hijabers have. The reason is, the neutral black color is suitable to be combined with any outfit color. The black color is also suitable to be combined with various types of outfits, be it casual to formal outfits.

Not only can the appearance look more elegant, the black hijab can also make the face look bright when combined with monochrome clothes.

2. Dark blue

Besides black, the dark color palette that other hijabers must have is navy blue. Navy color can also be categorized as a neutral color because it is easy to mix and match with other fashion items of any color

3. Gray

Gray is another neutral color choice that must be owned by hijabers. This bright color palette is very versatile. Can be combined and matched with dark or bright color outfits.

4. Nude or beige

For those of you who prefer a feminine look, a nude or beige hijab seems to be the right choice.

This color gives the effect of the face looking brighter and cleaner, so it is suitable to be combined with light colored clothes such as white or pastel shades.

5. Mocha

In addition to soft nude or beige colors, another color that you must have is mocha. This soft color can make your face look brighter.

Outfit colors that you can combine with mocca are dark colors like black and brown, as well as light and soft colors like nude, white, and so on.

6. Shades of pink

Pink hijabs such as light pink, dusty pink, or purple pink with pastel shades can be the next choice.

These colors include calm colors and give a feminine impression. Pink hijab is suitable for casual to semi-formal events.

7. Maroon

For those of you who want to look different, a maroon hijab is a must-have color. Giving a bold impression, the maroon-colored hijab is suitable to be combined with smokey eye makeup or dark lipstick.

8. Army

Appearing with an earth tone look and combined with winter outfits, army colors are a choice that never fails.

You can combine army color hijab with earth tone outfits such as terracotta, nude, to sage green.

9. White

Lately, the white hijab color is favored by hijabers because it gives an elegant impression to any outfit. For that, you should consider the color of the white hijab.

However, you have to be more careful in caring for the white hijab. Don’t get stained or dirty because it takes extra effort to wash it