9 Inspirations

9 Inspirations : The Dubai Expo 2020 held its first modest fashion show on March 13, 2022. Featuring a total of 20 designers including 2 local brands from Dubai, the event which was held in front of the Indonesian Pavilion was intended to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian wastra and culture through unique fashion collaborations.

Indonesia Modest Fashion Day powered by Bank Indonesia itself features 18 Indonesian designers or brands and 2 UAE brands that process Indonesian textiles into ready-to-wear collections in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a highlight entitled Artisanal Touch of Modest Fashion, this fashion show featured a number of womenswear in the form of Muslim clothing with a stylish modern look.

Well, here are some of them that you can use as inspiration for the upcoming Eid clothes. Come on, take a peek! 9 Inspirations

1. With a tie die concept, Batik Chic comes with an outfit set that combines navy and brown colors. Looks unique with a typical Indonesian accent

2. Dulce by Safiya brings an elegant collection by combining black and gold colors. Shiny accents add to the impression of luxury!

3. For those who like edgy style, try to imitate this look from Itang Yunasz. Combining a vintage patterned long dress with a matching colored turban

4. Simple and elegant, the collection from Nuna Atelier comes with Rorokenes bags as accessories

5. ROEMAH KEBAYA VIELGA presents a collection set consisting of a dress, trousers, and a matching outer. Sweet with floral motifs!

6. For those who like to look simple, try the sontek look from TETHUNA B. Combine a peaceful earth tone color with a little sweet motif accent

7. TETHUNA also presents a mustard long dress with a kaftan style with a sweet brown hijab combination

8. Look elegant, try combining a white dress with a brown outer and hijab. Simple but still elegant!

9. Imitate the styles of some of the KLAMBY WEARING collections that appeared in the event. Don’t forget to add accessories as a sweetener!

Those are some sets of Muslim clothing collections that were displayed at Indonesia Modest Fashion Day at Dubai Expo 2020. Hopefully with this event, Indonesia can make Indonesia more proud, yes.