Anti-Letoi Upright

Anti-Letoi Upright : Not a few women who prefer a rectangular hijab. However, using a rectangular hijab upright does seem to be a challenge in itself, especially if it is exposed to the wind when you go outside. Usually what makes the hijab look sluggish or weak is because of the material you choose. But some hijabers choose to iron the hijab material as their mainstay Anti-Letoi Upright. But don’t worry, for those who don’t have more time to iron and prepare an anti-letoi hijab, there is a solution.

that is, you only need a piece of paper as an auxiliary tool in using your rectangular hijab.

The first step that must be done is to wear a rectangular scarf in the way you usually do. Next, you prepare paper that is shaped like a forehead-sized rectangle.

After the veil is installed perfectly, take the paper, and stick it on the veil above the forehead. After that the veil will look perfectly erect.

Easy isn’t it, these tips might be able to help your problems in dealing with hijabs that are often lethargic without being complicated.

Cute and Colorful Cake Girl OOTD Hijab, Easy to Cheat!

OOTD hijab girl cake is a new term that is currently being discussed. It started with a TikTok user who mentioned the colorful clothing trend among women.

So, the term is intended for those who like to wear a mix and match of colorful clothes.

Summarizing from various sources, one of the characteristics of this “cake girl” OOTD is that she likes to use the technique of combining two or more colors (color blocking), on their clothes.

For those of you who are interested and want to follow the hijab fashion trend, come on, just take a peek at some of the choices from this colorful and cool OOTD hijab inspiration!