Beautiful and Elegant Design

Beautiful and Elegant Design : There are more and more celebrities who have Muslim fashion businesses and their collections are getting more and more in demand

There are more and more celebrities who have Muslim fashion businesses and their collections are getting more and more in demand. Because of the great market interest, they are also very serious about doing business in this fashion industry.

The fashion sector, especially Muslim clothing, is certainly a promising business opportunity. This is because Indonesia is currently one of the countries where the development of Muslim fashion trends is taking place rapidly.

Not only motifs and colors, Muslim clothes now also have a variety of attractive designs that make it easy for you to use them according to their respective styles. Moreover, the price of each Muslim dress on the market is quite competitive. You can get prices ranging from tens to millions of rupiah.

Seeing this business opportunity certainly raises everyone’s creative ideas to design and sell Muslim clothing. Anyone can have a Muslim fashion business, including well-known Indonesian artists. For this reason, it is not surprising that now many Indonesian celebrities have established Muslim fashion brands with various interesting collections.

Celebs Who Have a Muslim Fashion Business Beautiful and Elegant Design

1. Zaskia Mecca
Zaskia Adya Mecca is also not inferior in creating her own Muslim fashion brand. Since 2013, Zaskia Adya Mecca has established a Muslim clothing brand called Meccanism which specializes in collecting comfortable daily wear. Not only for women with hijab, but for those of you who don’t wear hijab, you can also use modest and minimalist style clothing from Zaskia’s brand, Meccanism.

2. Laudya Cynthia Bella
For those of you who like pastel colors, then the Muslim clothing brand Laudya Cynthia Bella should be included in your shopping list. Laudya Cynthia Bella presents a variety of Muslim mukena clothing with a touch of soft colors decorated with beautiful eye-catching motifs. Always beautiful, elegant and feminine wearing a collection of Muslim clothing belonging to L by Laudya Cynthia Bella.

3. Zaskia Sungkar
This beautiful artist has long created his own Muslim fashion brand. Not only that, Zaskia Sungkar also often exhibits various collections of the latest Muslim clothing at well-known fashion shows in Indonesia. Not only selling clothes, KIA By Zaskia Sungkar also provides clothing in the form of outer, dresses, skirts, to mukena.

4. Shireen Sungkar
Not inferior to his brother, Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu founded a Muslim fashion brand called Gerai Hawa. The Hawa outlet offers a variety of syar’i clothing with a choice of beautiful and contemporary designs. Interestingly, the Gerai Hawa fashion collection is not only for Muslim women, Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu also have interesting collections that can be used by all family members to make it look harmonious and compact.

5. Nycta Gina
Nycta Gina’s business in the Muslim fashion industry is relatively new. She recently opened a hijab business called Trinycta by Nycta Gina. Through her hijab brand, Gina offers a rectangular hijab with bold colors and patterns, typical of Gina’s hijab