Black Pashmina Hijab

Black Pashmina Hijab : The black veil is one of the mainstays of every hijaber. This neutral color is very easy to match with any color outfit.

This hijab model and color also seems to be an alternative choice when you run out of ideas in determining the appearance of the hijab. A veil with this color is not only easy to match, but also makes the face look brighter.

You can also use a black veil in various events, from a casual look to a luxurious look, you know. No need for complicated tutorials, you can use the following simple pashmina hijab tutorials!

take a good look!

The way this time comes from hijab fashion

how to juggle the appearance of a simple hijab to look more luxurious.

First, he was seen using the ciput first as the inner veil.

Then, she uses her black pashmina veil with two different lengths by pulling it backwards to pin the pin.

Not done there, bring both sides back to the front, and pull the short side to pin the pin under the ear.

While the long side, wrap it over the top of the head, and pin the pin right on the hair bun.

Hijab tutorial finished!

that Black Pashmina Hijab