Cindy Fatika Sari's

Cindy Fatika Sari’s : Various types of khimar made more trendy. Khimar or commonly known as hijab syar`i has various types. Khimar can also look trendy when worn without leaving Islamic law.

Like the appearance of Cindy Fatika Sari. The woman who decided to emigrate in 2015 has chosen to wear the syar’i hijab.

At every opportunity, Cindy looks sweet with khimar. Beautiful colors also give a graceful impression when worn. The first look is wearing a lavender colored robe embellished with floral embroidery. The choice of khimar is the same. Simple and sweet

Unlike before, Cindy chose a patterned robe. A-line silhouette with a cutting layer on the front makes the look a little majestic.

This film player ‘My Idiot Brother’ combines with dusty pink khimar. In a package with the robe, on the front there is a ruffle with a similar motif.

Cindy Fatika Sari’s, Cindy appears with a deeper color. However, this navy robe does not leave a sweet impression because of the beautiful flower motif.

Even though it’s already in one package with the robe, the khimar that Cindy wears is not monotonous. Much more stylish because of the layering method between plain colors and motifs.

Occasionally change style with patterned khimar. Besides being sweet, khimar motifs give a playful and not boring style.

Cindy wears a brown khimar with a sweet pattern. With a matching color, he only combines a plain robe.

For those who want to look stylish with khimar, it’s better to choose with accents or cutting techniques. So it is not boring when used.