Cotton material

Cotton material : Cotton is considered a suitable material for Muslim clothing both for daily use and for certain occasions and events.

These materials are considered soft, thick and not see-through, so they are very comfortable and suitable to be worn by Muslim women for daily wear or for other formal occasions.

good quality types of cotton include Toyobo cotton and Rayon cotton. We use materials such as Toyobo Cotton, Rayon cotton and also Moscrepe fabric where these types of materials are not foreign to Muslim women because of their good quality and are the materials used to make Muslim clothes.

chose Toyobo Cotton material because the material has a good density and is thicker.

This imported material is also not see-through, so there is no need to use furing when you want to sew it into a robe or other clothes. Toyobo cotton also absorbs sweat so it’s perfect for daily wear.

As for Rayon cotton, he said, it has the characteristics of a fabric material that is not easily wrinkled, has a soft and smooth texture.

Rayon cotton also has a high absorbency. Moscrepe fabric has also become one of the materials chosen by Linata Fashion because this material has fallen so it doesn’t need to be ironed anymore, it has a sandy texture or orange peel, the Moscrepe material is not see-through so it is very suitable for Muslim clothing.

Because of these factors, cotton became the brand’s choice to make many models of robes, tunics, and blouses with unique and trendy models suitable for teenagers to young mothers.