Flower Motif Ceruti Dress

Flower Motif Ceruti Dress : You can wear floral motif cigar robes in various activities. This is none other than because cigars have soft characteristics.

Now, the robe has a lot of changes in terms of design and model.

Even for the material is also not less. You can use various types of fabrics for making robes.

Considering that the robe has many enthusiasts, of course, until now its production is also increasing.

One of them is a robe made of cigar floral motifs. Floral motifs are one of the most popular to date.

Many Muslim women from various circles choose floral motifs over other motifs.

Besides being attractive, choosing the right robe can increase one’s self-confidence.

Characteristics of Flower Motif Ceruti Dress

The ceruti robe is one of the many clothes that are quite popular today. A robe is not just clothes for you to wear when you go to recitation or during the month of Ramadan to Eid.

However, you can make a robe into an attractive Muslim dress for daily activities. A cigar robe can also be one that is recommended.

The ceruti robe comes in a variety of models to choice of colors and motifs. This is because cigars are light and soft materials.

Many people say that cigars are similar to chiffon.

Gamis also comes with a variety of interesting motifs. Moreover, the color can be according to the tastes of each user.

You can choose floral motifs of various sizes and colors. Choosing the right design helps create syar’i Muslim clothing, but is still stylish.

Cigars have a rough texture like orange peel on the surface.

In addition, cigars are also suitable for making Muslim clothing such as robes because they are not stretchy. Even how to care for it is quite easy.

Ceruty Material Type

The floral motif cigar robe comes with a variety of choices. There is not only one type of cigar for making robes.

The following are several types of cigars that differ in terms of the texture of the material.

Premium cigars are the first type that has a thin texture, but is still flowy. Unfortunately, if you use premium cigars for making clothes or clothes, they will be a little dreamy.

The material is strong and not easy to tear, this is one of the reasons why many use it for making robes.


The floral motif diamond ceruti robe has a much lighter mass than other types. However, the fabric is not too thin.

Usually this type has a designation by the name Diamond Crepe.

The texture of this type of cigar is smooth and looks gritty. There are many types of diamond materials for making pashmina, bergo, khimar, syar’i veils, to instant veils.

Actually there are many types of cigars for the manufacture of Muslim clothing. Including a floral motif cigar robe that has a texture like orange peel