French Khimar

French Khimar : Hijab designs are increasingly varied. Starting from the shape of a universal scarf to various types of instant hijab. One of the unique hijab designs and starting to rise is the khimar.

The shape of the French khimar is like a combination of an instant khimar and an oversized tunic. The shape is also like a mukena because it is very wide with conical hand details, exactly the one piece mukena that has been widely sold in Indonesia.

French khimar has been produced since 2011. One of the originators is Abaya Malikah, a brand that specializes in selling syar’i Muslim clothing products such as abayas, khimar, and veils.

the name khimar is inspired by the hijab style of women in France. This kind of design was already found in the country which is known for its romance.

The khimar has also started to be worn by celebrities with hijabs, such as Ratu Anandita, Herfiza, and Zaskia Sungkar. This can be seen when they conduct a joint study. They look shady in dusty pink French khimar.

The ingredients used to make khimar vary. In the photos circulating, the original French Khimar from Paris uses satin, cotton, and chiffon.

In Indonesia, the selection of materials that are not transparent and does not form a body is preferred.

This material is popularly used for robes.

In Indonesia, khimar is sold in soft and neutral colors such as black and beige. However, in Paris these hijabs are also sold in patterned and colorful fabrics