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Get to know : Comrade Puan, entering the month of Ramadan, many women are starting to look for various types of hijab to support their appearance.

As is known, the hijab is a fashion item worn by Muslim women to cover their genitals.

Currently, one type of hijab that is currently hitting the market and is even worn by Muslim public figures is khimar.

So, what is khimar? Is this type of hijab the same as the hijab in general?

Definition of khimar

Quoting from Hijup, khimar comes from the Arabic word khumur, which means veil.

The word khumur is in one of the verses of the Qur’an, precisely in the 31st verse of An-Nuur.

The verse more or less reads, “Let them cover their khumur (veil) to their chests.”

Departing from there, khimar is defined as a women’s head covering that covers the head, neck and extends to cover the chest.

In addition, khimar also covers from the back and front to cover the collarbones of women.

Unlike the hijab and headscarf which are usually worn by tying the neck, the khimar is worn by sticking out a piece of cloth to cover it down.

The purpose of using the khimar is to cover the curves of a woman’s body perfectly.

Not only up to the chest, several types of khimar are deliberately designed to stick out further down to cover the stomach and even the knees.

Various forms of khimar

Comrade Puan, being one of the items to cover the genitals of Muslim women, khimar appears in various forms and styles.

This is also influenced by changing times and the influence of local Muslim fashion designers to the world.

Therefore, today there are many types of khimar that have attractive designs.

In addition, many Muslim designers are starting to get creative by issuing khimar designs in their collections.

The variety of khimar according to the creativity of the designers seems to be a breath of fresh air for Muslim women who want to appear according to Islamic law.

However, it appears according to the Shari’a without neglecting the aesthetics of beauty and fashion.

Furthermore, khimar has various characteristics that distinguish it from other types of hijab.

The peculiarity is that khimar is usually designed instantaneously, making it easier for Muslim women to wear it.

Because khimar has an instant design, you can add an inner or ciput to keep the hair from falling out.

Comrade Puan, that is the meaning of khimar, a type of hijab that is currently trending among Muslim women.

It turns out that khimar is different from the hijab and headscarf which are also clothing to cover women’s genitals.