American actress Jada Pinkett Smith continues to spark controversy about her religion because of the fashion choices she’s been making in the last couple of months.

Since April 9, Jada sported Islamic clothing in different occasions, such as marking the first day of Ramadan, and when she visited the Middle East with her husband Will Smith.

After sharing 4 posts sporting different loose-fitting clothing and headscarves with her 10.8 million followers on Instagram, Jada Pinkett Smith just shared yet another typical Islamic clothing, but this time within her Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk.

Jada wore a fashionable floor-length abaya in olive-green color and matched it with a black hijab as she walked down the stairs of Red Table Talk set next to her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and daughter Willow Smith.

Ironically, the first words said in the video by Jada’s mother after showing her Islamic look were: “I’ve been feeling very stressed” to make viewers think it is something about Pinkett Smith’s look or religion.

But actually Adrienne was stressed about the sensitive topic they were about to discuss; The tensions that exist between the Black and Asian communities.

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Along with the hundreds of comments that engaged with the subject of the episode, commentators couldn’t help but hail Jada’s hijabi look.

@uneekbeauty wrote: “You look absolutely amazing in your hijab! Modesty looks beautiful on all us”, while @wadia_t joked: “Your garments are better than mine and I’ve been Muslim all my life.”

@le_sam_samira commented: “The hijab looks very good on you MashAllah”.

@___lexusm__ opened a discussion and asked the question we’ve been asking for a long time: “Is Jada Muslim?”, and answers came in as: “just spiritual. Feeling her spirit”, “if she is..we welcome her with open arms”, “no she started losing her hair and wearing head wraps”, “really why? I don’t think thats the case, kuz she could use extension and she already rocks short hair So perhaps she just likes wearing head raps”, “what about the gown?”, “yes there is wigs tooo”.