Hijab for a round

Hijab for a round  : At first glance wearing the hijab seems simple. In fact, it may be wrong to choose the right material, making it uncomfortable because it shows off a round face shape.

So, before choosing or buying a hijab, first understand your own face to be more useful.

1. Avoid hijab with parts that accumulate under the neck. This makes the face look rounder.

2. The use of ciput ninja is one way to make the hijab look neater. For those of you who have a round face, you can choose the type of ciput with bangs.

3. Simple hijab motif. Owners of a round face should avoid hijab motifs that are too crowded and piled up.

4. Choose a black hijab

Black hijab gives a thin effect. Avoid cotton and crinkle materials which will further emphasize the round face shape.

5. Cheekbone line

In order to get a hijab style that is suitable for a round face, cheekbones can be used as a benchmark when wearing a hijab. When wearing the hijab, go past the cheekbones, but don’t go too far

6. Choose Thin Material

If you choose a thick hijab, it will risk emphasizing a round face shape. We recommend choosing a thin hijab material for a round face. With a thin material, the hijaber will be more comfortable on the move.

7. Not Too Under The Chin

How to avoid this method because your face will look very round. It’s better to clamp the hijab in the jaw position, you can also just tuck the hijab without a pin.