Hijab Style Covers

Hijab Style Covers : Can be used for everyday or formal events. Hijab is important for every Muslim woman. Now there are lots of hijab models as well as how to arrange them or styling. Whatever the style, one thing is certain is that it is shari’a and comfortable.

Hijab Style Covers For Friends of Dream who prefer hijab by covering the chest, there are many ways to arrange it so that it still looks stylish. Suitable for those of you who want to look fresh, with the hijab sticking long to the chest and not stiff.

the steps for styling a rectangular hijab cover the chest to keep it fashionable.

First use a rectangular hijab with one side shorter and one longer. Wear the hijab as usual, then twist the longer side of the veil to the back. Trim the hood that looks messy on the side, use a pin. This hijab style is suitable for you to wear on every occasion, even to go everyday.

This model can also be combined with various outfits to add value to your appearance. an easy way to wear a chest covering hijab, hopefully the steps above can help you in wearing the hijab, thank you