Hijab style

Hijab style : Pashmina plisket is a favorite of hijabers. This pashmina scarf with pleated details is a favorite of many people because of its ease of use.

For hijabers, choosing a headscarf is a challenge in itself. Pashmina headscarves are the target of many people not only because they are easy to shape, but also light.

When doing activities throughout the day, of course, hijabers want to use a comfortable and lightweight veil. Even so, a veil that is not see-through, easy to shape, and not slippery, is also an important point in choosing a veil.

This is the reason many hijabers like the plisket pashmina veil.

Take a peek at Rifka Martha’s hijab celeb!

For those of you who want to use plisket pashmina with a stylish and easy look, there are several ways you can do it. One way is done by Rifka Martha.

Hijab celebrity with full name Rifka Ayu Yulia Martha, shares how to use pashmina plisket

Curious how?

Here’s an easy way for Rika to form a plisket hijab which is often her mainstay style in appearance.

First, Rifka prepares the veil that she will use in advance
Pashmina plisket with brown color is Rifka’s choice this time
Next, he puts a plisket pashmina on top of his head with the two sides having different lengths
Rifka then took the inside of the two sides of the veil which was right under her chin, so she could pin the pins

After that, he took the long side, and wrapped it around the top of his head.
Finally, he just pinned the pin on the side of the ear

pashmina plisket