Hijab Style with

Hijab Style with : During holidays, we usually want to look stylish or something new. The trick can be with a hijab style that is brighter but still looks calm.

You can also mix and match clothing, from veils, top items, outer, pants or skirts as subordinates, footwear, to bags as accessories. Try choosing earth colors as an outfit that you can use as a reference.

The reason is, the color of the earth or often also referred to as the earth tone color can be more integrated with other color combinations. If it’s your first time to mix and match this outfit style, be sure to choose an earth tone color gradation that is identical to brown and beige.

Combine with colors that tend to be neutral so as not to produce too much. In addition, the earth color that is able to give a cool OOTD (Outfit of The Day) look can also show facial skin to be brighter.

No wonder this color type is the target of women in OOTD. For those of you who are looking for outfit style inspiration with earth tone colors,

Hijabers are seen wearing earth tones for a more relaxed look. Using layering or stacking techniques on tops, he seems to have chosen a broken white shirt as the inner.