Hijab Trends

Hijab Trends : Wearing the hijab is one of the clothing choices for Muslim women. In order to look fashionable without violating religious provisions, you can follow the 2022 hijab trend for pashmina and quadrangles.

Quoting the book 5 Minutes Using Pasmina Without a Pin (2015), pashmina is a hijab model that can be created for various fashionable looks. Wearing the hijab does not need to be difficult because there are many models of use that are very simple for everyday use.
While the rectangular hijab model was much more popular among the public. Until now, the rectangular hijab motif is increasingly varied that can be mixed and matched with your clothes. What are the hijab fashion trends that will skyrocket in 2022? To be more up to date, please see the presentation below:

1. Voal Material and Pastel Colors
Hijab lasts voal and pastel colors will still dominate fashion in 2022. Although this material has been popular this year, voal remains a mainstay for Muslim women in clothing.

Pastel colors and earth tones are also still the prima donna among hijabers. The reason is, this color describes a soft, calming, and beautiful impression. The earth tone color is also widely used because it is natural and fresh.

2. Instant Hijab
Instant hijab is a hijab model that has been perfectly sewn, so users only need to wear it even without pins or pins.
Instant hijab in 2022 will dominate because it is very practical for everyday use. This hijab is suitable for use if you are in a hurry to go somewhere or go to the nearest environment without the hassle.

3. Hijab Syar’i
Hijab syar’i is a type of hijab 2022 that is widely used by Muslim women who dress in robes. Hijab syar’i has characteristics that are loose and cover the chest and hips. Hijab syar’i is available with a variety of models and colors that can certainly make you look beautiful and elegant.

That’s a row of 2022 hijab trend models that will make you more fashionable in dressing. Even though you are wearing a hijab, you can still move freely without feeling hampered by Islamic clothing