Hijabers Must Know

Hijabers Must Know : Choosing a good hijab material is the main consideration for most women with hijab before buying it. Hijab material that is comfortable, easy to shape, and definitely anti-wrinkle is the most favorite. Well, for those of you who have been wearing the hijab for a long time or are just starting to wear the hijab, you must know what hijab materials are that don’t need to be ironed.

These hijab materials certainly have the best quality to be worn as Muslim fashion. Here’s the review Hijabers Must Know.


Cornsilk hijab texture has a fibrous surface similar to corn husks. Cornsilk material that is unique and different from others has become an attraction for hijabers lately.

Not only is it anti-wrinkle and doesn’t need to be ironed, Cornsilk hijab also doesn’t leave a trace even if you use pins or safety pins. You can choose cornsilk hijab for informal and formal events.


It’s a soft material, doesn’t see through, falls off, and is definitely wrinkle-resistant. At first glance, the hijab, which is loved by many women, is similar to a cigar or chiffon, but the wolfis fabric is not see-through and is definitely thicker.

Stay cool. Even though it is thick, the wolfis hijab is not hot when worn because this material is made from a mixture of cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers.


For those of you who often attend formal events and don’t have time to iron your hijab, choose polycotton. The combination of polyester and cotton is suitable to be combined nicely for various mainstay hijab styles.

However, this polycotton material tends to absorb sweat less well. Therefore, for those of you who often do outdoor activities, it is not recommended to wear a polycotton hijab.

Premium Cigars

Another hijab material that doesn’t need to be ironed is cigars. Generally, cigar hijab materials have a distinctive fabric texture. At first glance, the cigar fabric has an orange peel surface with fine spots. When touched, the cigar fabric feels soft.

Made with a good level of elasticity makes the hijab look fall. For the best look, you can choose premium cigar types with the best quality. The advantages of premium cigars are of course anti-wrinkle and no longer need to be ironed when used.

Bubble Crepe

Bubble crepe has a similar appearance to diamond italiano. Although the texture looks rougher, the bubble crepe material is very smooth and not see-through.

Its anti-wrinkle advantage gives the impression of falling when worn. This hijab is suitable for everyday wear with good care so it doesn’t stretch quickly.

Well, those are some types of hijab materials that don’t need to be ironed because they have the advantage of being anti-wrinkle, easy to shape, anti-letoy, and definitely very comfortable to use.