How to Care

How to Care : Shariah is increasingly attached to today’s Muslim women. If in the past it was seen that it would only limit women in style, now many Muslim women are competing to wear it elegantly and gracefully.

How to CareĀ  Regarding the syar’i fashion trend for this year, several fashion shows at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 featured chiffon with a layered and loose silhouette. In addition, the addition of Swarovski also brightens up the designs of the designers.

As is known, chiffon material is easy to wrinkle, especially when it has been washed. Then, the swarovski which is usually attached to the khimar, how is it treated? Here are tips from syar’i and khimar fashion designers,


“Especially for the syar’i hijab, it is better to wash it separately from other clothes and use a very gentle laundry soap. Especially for syar’i clothes with a sprinkling of swaroski, just wash them by hand. “


“To iron the syar’i hijab, you should not use a high temperature. Because it will damage the material. Especially for the organdy syar’i hijab,”


“Syar’i clothing is best stored in a special cupboard and hung so it doesn’t wrinkle. Because if you fold it, it will make the material of the clothing itself become wrinkled.”