How to choose

How to choose  : Looking beautiful with a hijab can increase the aura of grace for women.

No wonder so many women from teenagers to adults who often combine the color of their hijab with the color of their skin and the clothes they wear.

However, not a few still feel less confident in determining the color of the hijab that fits the tone or color of the facial skin.

Quoted by via Youtube NiasiscaWRD, here are some ways to choose a hijab color that suits your skin color.

The selection of hijab colors begins with determining the color of the skin tone and under tone. Skin Tone is the color of the skin that can be seen with the naked eye, for example olive, brown, white and dark. This skin color can change according to your activities.

Under tone is a color that cannot be seen by the naked eye, for example our color hue and cannot change.

There are three types of understones, namely cool, warm and neutral. Then how do you choose the right hijab color according to your skin tone?

First, if you have a white skin color like Korean or Japanese skin color you will look compatible with all types of hijab colors.

Dark and bold colors like maroon, vany. In addition, bright colors such as olive, lime and pink.

Although these colors are suitable for fair skin, there are some colors that must be considered such as nude, white and pastel.

Don’t let this color make your skin color pale. You can work around this with lighter make-up.

Second, for olive skin where the skin color is quite neutral, it is suitable to use bright colors such as pink, yellow, maroon.

Avoid shades of gold or caramel, gold, scout brown and orange. Because the color is in line with the olive color.

Third, brown skin color is more suitable if you use hijab colors that tend to be dark. For example, pastel colors, navy, maroon are also included in the color of your choice.

Avoid dark colors with brown or olive tones. This will give the impression of your facial skin becoming duller than the original.

Fourth, for those of you who have skin with dark skin tones. Neon colors such as electric blue, highlighter green and also bright yellow, pastels match your skin tone.

That’s how to choose a hijab color according to skin color that can make your appearance more elegant and look beautiful.