How to Wear

How to Wear : There are many hijab models that can be used, from rectangular to pashmina. The pashmina model is quite long.

This size makes some women reluctant to wear it because it is difficult to create. In fact, pashmina can make your face look thinner, you know.

For this reason, launching Rejoice, here are some models or creations of wearing a pashimana hijab to keep it stylish, it can be used daily to the office.

1. Pashmina wrapped

Pashmina wrap is the basic or easiest way to use the Pashima hijab. Prepare ciput to keep hair neat.

Step 1: Use a bobby pin to keep your hair neat.

Step 2: Spread the pashmina on the back of the head. Make sure it’s even; not too long in the right or left area.

Step 3: Fasten with a pin at the bottom of the chin, and wrap it in such a way as you like. You can adjust the rest of the pashmina as you wish.

Step 4: Lead the strands from the loop to the front near the chest or the back as a final touch.

2. One-sided pashmina hijab

This style is also very suitable for use in the office. With a simple but stylish model. Just prepare a pashmina with a color or motif that matches your outfit.

Step 1: Spread the pashmina behind the head that is already wearing a ciput or bandana. Leave one side longer (right or left, as desired).

Step 2: Cover your head and pin it under the chin area.

Step 3: Fold the short pashmina over the top of the head.

Step 4: Cross the long side of the pashmina, covering the entire head. Focus the pashmina strands on one part only.

Step 5: Use a brooch or pin to maintain the shape.