Keep Looking Stylish

Keep Looking Stylish : Wearing syar’i Muslim clothing makes women who wear it look elegant and polite. However, Muslim clothing with dark colors, especially black, often makes the wearer seem closed. If you want to wear syar’i Muslim clothing but still want to look stylish and cheerful, you can also choose brightly colored clothes, you know.

Keep Looking Stylish Mix and match khimar and loose dress ala can be your inspiration in Muslim dress. First, you can start by choosing a khimar (a long veil that covers the chest and buttocks) with your favorite color.

there are many choices of khimar colors that can be an option if you want to appear in syar’i clothing but still colorful. Black is still my favourite, but it doesn’t rule out soft colors, such as peach, dusty pink, people like it too Not only combining khimar and dresses of the same color, we can also combine two items with different colors.

For example, combining patterned khimar with a monochrome dress or pastel colors. Some dresses also have lace embroidery details or layers that can beautify your appearance even if you use monochrome syar’i clothing. If you want to choose other options besides colors and motifs, you can also add accessories or jewelry to enhance your appearance.