Khimar is sharia

Khimar is sharia : determination to produce khimar designs that are sharia-compliant, comfortable, easy to style up to date and look elegant to help Muslim women dress elegantly or cover their genitals.

In this regard, it is not surprising that the Elrania Exclusive brand is quite popular to be styled for various events, casual or to officials and also as a birth on holidays.

Elrania Exclusive, which was founded in 2009 using the Rania Boutique and Gallery brand, initially has expertise in making khimar and now Annuur Nadia has also been appointed as a veil designer at Secret Modest.

Khimar can be defined as a cloth that covers a woman’s genitals from the top of the head to almost the entire body with a very long cut compared to the usual hood.

Telling more about khimar under the brand, its founder, Annuur Nadia said, so that now his party offers 15 types of khimar designs that cover daily use so that it is a luxury style.

“Among the popular collections is the Ameera, which can be used for daily deliveries with concise designs such as a pomfret hood, the face is easy to shape and beautiful and the wearer will look more presentable.

Most of our khimar collections use chiffon fabric which is beautiful, cool and not uncommon

In addition, Meerwa is also one of the popular collections of the brand which is offered in a set, namely khimar and sedondon dresses to make it look more elegant with a wrap button on the hand.

There is also a zip detail on the front which is an Elrania Exclusive signature to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

“Khimar Meerwa was brought in with a ropol cut design so that the wearer would look cute, beautiful and stylish to wear as a daily delivery or at celebratory ceremonies.

“The special thing about this khimar is the stitches on the face that allow it to be easy to shape and suitable for use by various types of face shapes,” said the mother to the four light-eyed people.

In addition, Mareena’s collection is no less interesting because it is designed in a luxurious style and is one of the most expensive designs of the brand and can be purchased on the Secret Modest platform or at the Elrania Exclusive boutique.

For the Mareena collection, Annuur Nadia used chiffon fabric and also the ropol section using the original circular batik material placed on the hood and dress.

The initiative to use the original circular batik has raised the design to receive the Sustainable Business Fashion Hub award from the Malaysian Sustainable Business Network Association (SustNet) on March 11.

“We also produced a collection of Lili Natasha which is a mini telekung with a concise design which has received a great response from those who want to perform Umrah and Hajj.”

“In addition, we also offer a French Khimar collection which is inspired by the use of khimar from France and designed according to the tastes of the Malaysian people,” said the eldest of four siblings.

In addition to offering a collection of khimar, the brand also offers a variety of sharia-compliant Muslim women’s deliveries such as dresses, brackets, cardigans and kurti.

Its popularity in providing births for Muslim women who comply with Syria has made the brand successful in penetrating foreign markets such as Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and Qatar.

The public can get khimar and other Muslim women’s deliveries by purchasing online at Shopee and on the Instagram page or visiting his boutique in Jerteh, Terengganu.