Look Fashionable

Look Fashionable : French khimar is one of the most popular syar’i hijabs among hijabers.

French khimar is one of the new types of syar’i clothing. A more modern design makes french khimar a trend among millennial hijabers Look Fashionable.

One of the artists who popularized this hijab outfit is Shireen Sungkar. Teuku Wisnu’s wife really likes wearing syar’i clothing in everyday life.

This time, Shireen re-launched the latest fashion collection from her brand, Gerai Hawa.

He launched a number of French Khimar collections with minimalist designs. One of them with bold nuances is shown

Shireen looked fashionable in a black-navy french khimar. This dress can be directly worn as a suit outfit because it is equipped with a khimar or syar’i hijab.

Oversized Silhouette

Not only French Khimar with bold nuances, Shireen also launched soft colors typical of earthy tones. This French khimar is equipped with a rope to tie the hijab so it looks simpler.

The oversized silhouette owned by French Khimar will wrap the body without accentuating the shape of the curve. Besides being polite, French khimar is also very elegant and can be used for casual to semi-formal events.

those are some of Shireen’s performances that hopefully can inspire you, thank you