Muslim Clothing

Muslim Clothing : The fashion industry is constantly evolving and adapting to changes every year. Seeing this phenomenon, various brands continue to release new collections by following existing trends to captivate people’s hearts. This method is also applied by a local brand that provides Muslim clothing, Kami. This year, We. launched a new collection called “Basic Collection: The Unexpected Daily Look”.

Through the latest collection of Basic Collection, Kami. trying to present simple Muslim clothes with certain elements so that the appearance of Indonesian women looks unusual. Our CEO., Istafiana Candarini explains the intent behind the release of the New Basic Collection. “This new year, community activities and activities are running again. We see the need for fashion is also increasing, especially smart casual to formal clothing.”

“A simple look will become a style that people are interested in, followed by the trend of beautiful neutral colors which are also a favorite this year.”

every Indonesian woman looks more beautiful and more confident by wearing simple clothes. “We want to reach a wider segment, especially women who prefer simple clothes over patterns,” she added.

want to emphasize a simple appearance is also able to steal attention with the appropriate mix and match, “There are three advantages, for example the use of comfortable fabric. This is the product quality and comfort that we have always maintained. We have always taken care of it,” said Istafiana. In addition, this collection also features unique cuts, such as pleats on the shoulders and ruffles on the waist. “Finally, a mix of beautiful pastel colors. In this collection, we combine two to three colors at once in one design.”

“Using simple clothes doesn’t always look boring, we can mix and match with the right clothes or accessories to make it look unusual and steal attention,” several color choices, giving us the opportunity to explore Muslim clothing so that it remains stylish even if only with a simple appearance.”