Muslim Clothing

Muslim Clothing : It is undeniable that the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia is growing so fast. With the majority of Indonesia’s population being Muslim, Indonesia is a big market for the Muslim fashion industry itself.

In October 2021, the Indonesian government is trying to encourage the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia by planning two initiatives. Among other things, to promote Indonesia as the center of the world’s Muslim fashion industry and to develop wider exports of Muslim clothing fabrics and garments from Indonesia to various countries in the world.

The use of comfortable fabric materials is one of the efforts to advance the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia. Cotton Council International also introduced cotton fiber from the United States to support the growth of the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia by encouraging the use of US cotton.

Seeing the market potential of the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia, which is so large, it can be increased to be able to generate high export income in the future. By using comfortable and environmentally friendly materials, it is hoped that it will attract the world’s attention to Muslim fashion in Indonesia.

This is the first time CCI has introduced Cotton USA to the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia. This textile made of cotton is of good quality, comfortable, and durable. Especially for hijab users, it is important to wear comfortable clothes to wear in the midst of Indonesia’s tropical climate.

The United States cotton material is an environmentally friendly alternative to textiles. So that it encourages people to be more familiar with environmentally friendly lifestyles

Licensing program for industry players in Indonesia
The use of cotton material in Muslim clothing has breathable properties so that it does not make the user hot even when used all day. In addition, the fabric material from cotton does not require Muslim clothing users to take special care.

Not just introducing US cotton to the fashion industry in Indonesia, CCI is also promoting four Indonesian textile groups and one designer, who use high quality and sustainable US cotton when producing their Muslim fabrics and garments for the domestic and export markets.

In addition, CCI will also provide a licensing program from COTTON USA to Indonesian textile factories along the supply and retail chains. The goal is to attract new buyers, understand the latest fashion trends in the fashion and textile industry, and to profit from the use of US cotton. The COTTON USA SOLUTIONS program offers free expert technical assistance to Indonesian spinning mills who are COTTON USA licensees and/or members.