Muslim Dress in Kaftan

Muslim Dress in Kaftan : Glads.Collection presents a kaftan dress style with Arabian Night style. It was showcased in a mini show The models were dressed using make up from KLT Official. Well, the reason he presented the theme was inspired by Muslim women’s fashion.

I have an interest in Muslim women’s fashion and thought about making it. The creative industry must also continue to collaborate to strengthen work and creativity clothing and jewelry are two aspects that can not be separated, Gladys then designed a collection of Muslim clothing.

Clothing that makes women who wear them appear more confident, fashionable, and of course comfortable when wearing them. From this series of interests, several collections were born, including the Lavish Silk Kaftan. This collection is different from other collections Muslim Dress in Kaftan

Apart from the comfortable and lightweight Kaftan material, the model is also simple, but still elegant and luxurious. Glads.collection makes clothes that take a long time. It has gone through a long trial and error. This collection, said Gladys, is also easy to mix and match with accessories to create a different look.

The material I chose was sure to be comfortable and light, but not see-through and anti-wrinkle