Muslim Fashion

Muslim Fashion : Fresh air came from local designers in the homeland of Muslim fashion. Not only must it be covered, with Muslim clothing now a person can appear more stylish and free to express.

One of them is the concept of modest wear from Oleanderbyribie. Muslim clothing is designed aimed at mothers or urban children.

Maybe there are lots of young mothers who want to start wearing the hijab, but are afraid of looking more mature than their actual age.

On the other hand, there is a desire from parents to start teaching their sons and daughters to appear in closed clothes.

But still looks fresh and fashionable. This oleanderbyribie Muslim urban fashion concept looks at American urban fashion styles with a hype beast theme.

But with a closed dressing without losing the characteristic of the hype beast casual as a signature design from Ribie as the designer of Oleanderbyribie.

This fashion concept is targeted at ages 25-35 years and children 5-12 years. Taking elements of green and mint as a base.

This follows a trend that is popular with the community. Namely now love the colors that are fresh and refreshing.

The material chosen is cotton so that it feels light and cool. Also can be used not long and flexible in various events.

And a place that can involve mother and child activities. Design concept that is not seasonal (can be used long term) Because Oleanderbyribie continues to promote sustainable fashion.