Navy blue shirt

Navy blue shirt : Are you looking for a navy blue dress combination to match what color hijab? Searching for color combinations may look easy and easy to do, but not all colors can match navy blue, you know

We can’t mix any color, especially if the colors don’t match. Colors that do not match can make your appearance unsightly by others. Meanwhile, the right color will show your beautiful, fashionable, and elegant appearance.
Well, instead of being curious, here’s a review of the combination of navy blue clothes with hijab colors that you can consider. Check out the review below!
1. Gray

Gray is a neutral color, especially since this color is between black and white. So, do not be surprised if this color was chosen to be used.
The gray color in the hijab also displays a more elegant and beautiful appearance. The gray hijab color is also suitable for use at work or attending formal events. Moreover, if you use this combination when going to a wedding with a satin dress.

2. White

White is a neutral color. This color is suitable to be combined with any color. So, you can combine your navy blue shirt with a white hijab.
This combination displays your simple yet beautiful look. You can also choose a white hijab with a small motif or combine it with a patterned navy blue shirt.

3. Black

Another neutral color that you can try is black. Black hijab color is a color that must be owned by all women. This color is suitable to be combined with any color clothes.
You can combine black with navy blue. However, you have to see if your clothes are suitable for wearing this hijab color. Remember, black can make your appearance look darker. Alternatively, you can combine it with other colors in your fashion style.

4. Army green

Another color combination that you can try is navy blue with army green. Army green is also often people’s favorite color, you know.
This combination makes your appearance fashionable by combining a stylish hijab style.

5. Chocolate

The next suitable color is brown. You can combine it with a plain or patterned scarf.
The brown hijab color is very beautiful worn to attend formal events. This color displays your beautiful and elegant appearance.

6. Beige

Who likes to mix brown and beige? Yup, indeed these two colors have the same basic color. So, no wonder many are confused.
You can wear a beige hijab color to combine it with navy blue clothes. This combination is perfect for casual wear. You can use it when you are on campus or when you are traveling outside.

7. Dark blue

The last color that you can combine is the navy color itself, which is navy blue. You can try this color to combine colors that show your simple and calm side, but still beautiful.
This color combination is also often used for formal occasions because the color is good. You can wear patterned navy blue clothes, such as a kebaya or patterned gamis.
That’s a review of your question about what color navy blue shirt matches with the hijab. Hope this is useful, ok?